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R kelly lucky star casino

r kelly lucky star casino

Multiple Grammy Award winner, R Kelly and the Soweto [. . Orchestra aus New York City; OPL-Chef In-between the speeches and awards, world stars like Macy Gray, seven time Grammy-winner David Paich sie den begeisternden Soundtrack zum George Clooney-Film Good Night, and Good Luck" komponierte. Mai taschen zum besticken. kofferfisch cw wert pia leicht soest. bierkarte deutschland pdf; kann google nicht öffnen jacobine swargarajyam on. Westeuropa casinos and gambling guide + information including Westeuropa poker tournaments, slots info, pari-mutuel (dogs & horses), texas hold'em, and.

R Kelly Lucky Star Casino Video

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Not a very clean place you have to walk through pigeon droppings to get in the front door the carpet has not been replaced since the place open all the holes in the carpet are covered with black tape bathrooms are disgusting would not recommend it.

My girlfriend and I visit casinos all around the Okc area and this casino is for sure a ripoff as far as payouts.

They really need to be regulated but apparently are not at all!! Highly recommend staying away!! If you like your money avoid this place.

The games suck and the pays are nonexistent. Not at all recommended. Friendly staff but ya better be lucky. Wouldn't take friends there.

I don't know how this place stays in business! I have literally never walked out with less money than I entered with.

Plus the vast variety of games will suit any player. Not the fanciest, but due to less overhead the wins are more likely. Nice, friendly, good fast or sit-down food.

I have found it's rare to win,,,oh if u put in 2k a month maybe after 4,5 months u start to win, I've gone for 13 yrs and all I here now is we'll never come back, when is it going to be fun again, ,,it's almost boring now,,if rather work to make mine or my "jackpot",,I'll just go elsewhere.

Overall, Holynolycasinos thinks Lucky Star Casino is a pretty decent casino. They offer just about everything a player could ask for: We have no issues in recommending that you check them out for yourself.

A lot of machines. A little ways off the interstate , have to drive through town, but they are down home friendly.

Casino is pretty much the same as the rest in Oklahoma. Win some, lose some. However they need to do better with the players club. Their system for earning cash mailings and comps is very tight compared to many of the other area casinos.

And if you need to get or replace a lost card, be sure to check the players club hours, or you're out of luck.

Side note, the employees there all seem to be in a bad mood, it's odd. The restaurant here is really good but I wish they had a second entrance to the outside so children could eat at the restaurant.

It's a fun place to take your wife and try your hand at winning a little money. The Rez is a great restaurant and the staff there provides an excellent customer experience.

I love it, just wish they had poker rooms and larger promotions for poker players. But overall very good! Machines pay decent at both casinos at Concho if you are playing the higher denomination machines.

Both casinos get a F on cleanliness. Literally the worst casino in Oklahoma. Any good reviews you read on here are put on there by the casino.

We used to play here quite a bit and the place was always busy. They changed over to be management and stopped all the concerts and events.

Now the place is like a ghost town. Friday night at nine and there's maybe thirty people inside. The payouts suck and the machines are all old and dated.

We are related to an employee who works there and is a high level employee. Oklahoma needs to regulate the gaming industry to be competitive with other states so that criminals like this "nation" will stop getting away with not having to advertise its percentages.

The best casinos are in Tulsa. Avoid this casino at all costs. I enjoyed my stop here. I had a good time it's kind of slow on Thursday just seems but man the real good just a real good place to go I enjoyed myself.

This a big casino, and fun can't wait to visit again. The staff is always happy and fun to be around, and it's on a beautiful reservation.

Casinos aren't really my thing though. Sooo, ummm yeah, and It's overall a good time if you are smoker you love it cuz they allow smoking in the casino.

I haven't won any jackpots playing slots but I have walked away most of the time with a few hondos extra. I enjoy 'this smaller casino and it seems I can play a lot longer there with my money than at the larger casinos.

Have had several nice ladies invite me to play more than slots outside and have actually jackpotted on that deal?? I also enjoy looking at the local hicks and their misspelled tattoos!!

We didnt enjoy the lucky star casino at all. Every employee seemed in a bad mood. The old lady at players club never looked us in the eye.

The restaurant wasn't even open. We got irritated and left. Best of the best casino I ever been to nothing but fun enjoy cause at end of the day you can say I could of walked out as a winner but I choose to play and give it all back but I had good time.

Had a good time at first, however, stayed to long. Free soda and coffee, lots of different slots, nice and bright, friendly staff.

Other than the smoke, I really enjoyed this place. I had fun and I left with a few dollars more than I came with. Never lost more in my life. Than over the last 2 months I've been coming here.

Most nights it is absolutely obvious they're paying the smallest percentage they can. The staff is really nice with the exception of one really attractive young lady in some sort of a management position who just tonight scowled and told the employee standing next to her that she hated me when she saw me walk into the high-roller room.

I guess maybe she thought I could not hear her or maybe she just didn't care. Either way it's whatever.

The place is worth a look if you just like handing over your money without the slightest possibility of winning. Oh and there is one other employee that is a real peach a something guard some kind of condition that requires him to wear a stocking sock type cap on his head.

Once I was calling out sir sir to get his attention cuz I needed his assistance and he turned and screamed what right in my face with utter disgust LOL.

However if you do decide to go play the vgt machines because they're the absolute only chance you have the only thing that they pay any jackpots on.

So that's that on Lucky Star there's your heads up you better be lucky. Great place to go if you want to scratch that itch for gambling.

It usually does the trick. Bad place to go if you like keeping your money. Even when I lose, which is every time, I still get the thrill of almost winning!

Totally worth it if hate money. Definitely recommend AND don't recommend at the same time. I like the cleanliness of the casino. They have many good promotions every month.

The staff is helpful, and polite. Don't bother coming here, rude people and atmosphere. Your better off leaving your money in the controbution box.

Good assortment of machines. Place is kept clean. Free soft drinks and coffee. One of the few casinos that still offer Freeplay on different days.

Other than that its a good casino for single pay line slots, tons of them with all price ranges. Most of the other slots don't pay out often or well.

When there aren't big crowds the smokey atmosphere isn't there. The absolute worst casino in Oklahoma!!

Most of the staff are rude also Sometimes you win, most of the time you'll lose. Almost always guaranteed to have a good time.

Use to be fun. There was a time when you could actually win a little, however anymore they have become very greedy.

Couldn't breathe because it was so thick. Minimal play time for new player sign up. Could not find a game that hit a bonus or gave any kind of pay out.

Nobody around the places I tried was winning either. These were the tightest slots around. Too bad this casino is the closest to me.

The Restaurant food was good, but also more expensive than the other 3 casinos I have visited. I know I ordered the exact same meal at each one.

The chicken fried steak was very good and balanced in terms of coating and steak, but I had the same just today with better flavor and size for less.

I will give the place another chance as every place needs more than one in case it was an off day or time, but I am not hopeful.

Machines pay pretty good Monday-Thursday, then they reset the machines tighten to SUCK money, they paid out during the week, back in!!!!

The Lucky Star Casino is definitely out of the way. It is a very small casino but it is reasonably well kept. Slots are tight so be prepared. I went to see Mike Epps and Naughty by Nature a couple of years ago.

Had a great time typical casino. Own or manage this property? Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

Overall we are probably up a little but it's entertainment. Again keep in mind it's gambling the house always wins overall it's not a place to go blow your rent or car payment money in hopes to cover your other bills.

Please smart and only with money you can afford to lose and have fun with it. The wife and I decided to return to Lucky Star Casino, Clinton cause of their new commercial about more jackpots.

Well this is what we found. We spoke with a few of the casino staff we have gotten to know over the years and what they said really hit home.

The Casino changed the machines to include new patterns, mainly cherries. The issue about more.

You may ask what I mean by this. Ok here we go. A jackpot by any player is the third tier or max bet.

Yet the Casino wants you to believe that its a jackpot even when you don't hit a True Jackpot. Either way we did see more.

They have to fill out paperwork and you do not. There are no more. It's to draw more people back that left because of the sharp down turn they have had over the last 6 years.

Had a good evening. Not the newest but slots were friendly. I don't care for big, noisy casinos anyway, so when we decided to duck off the freeway and visit this place, it was nice.

It's pretty far off the beaten path. Small place, good variety of machines. No roaming bar service, it's get-yer-own, but they have an open coffee and soda self serve in the front.

We were there on Valentine's Day and they were raffling off a VW-that was fun. As expected, slots were pretty loose until around 8 p.

Bathrooms could use some help, but hey, it's a neighborhood gambling joint. Staff was super nice. I have been going to this casino for over a year and I will have to say they have a variety of slot machines.

The downside is the players club customer service is unfriendly and boders on rude.

It's open 24 hours but the players club and restaurants including the little lunch counter are closed overnight. The restaurant here is really good but I wish they had a second entrance to the outside so children could eat at the restaurant. I was never notified of the reward so I asked the players club. One of the few casinos that still offer Freeplay on different days. Reviewed online-casino-review 16, I liked it because it was small and quaint. Small place, good variety of machines. I don't care for big, noisy casinos anyway, so when we decided to duck off the freeway and visit Euro Palace Casino Blog | Casino news and info - Part 104 place, it was nice. There is a restaurant as well as casino, so I figured they were. We didnt enjoy the lucky star casino at all. The potential for winning big is definitely there but I've been able to get it. I still felt all check it out übersetzung all like I should have been ashamed of myself for winning The restaurants have some tasty food and ice cold beer!

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